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Since Grenfell disaster there has been a focus on External Cladding and in particular fire protection/prevention qualities of the materials used on such wall systems.  As a Chartered Building Surveyor and having worked in the industry for over 20 years, we have experience of undertaking inspections on most property types.  In addition to this our Surveyor also has undertaken Fire Risk Assessment courses in the past, along with Health & Safety in buildings.

If you have a need to obtain confirmation that the external cladding on your building is sufficiently safe for a mortgage valuation or sale, including obtaining an EWS1 form, we can help with UK wide coverage if required.

Simply contact us via our contact us page or by telephone at 0800 246 1002 and we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide you with a FREE NO OBLIGATION  quotation.  CONTACT US


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External Cladding Surveys

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