High Level Inspections

Often it is not possible, within the boundaries of a building survey or other report, to inspect areas above 3 metres (the extent of a normal Surveyor’s ladder) and as such areas such as flat roof coverings are only inspected from the ground using binoculars.  There is, therefore, a higher risk of defects such as damaged coverings, not being mentioned in the final report.  This is standard for all surveyors as a surveyor is only able to carry a limited amount of kit on the inspection.

With this in mind we have purchased specialist equipment to enable us to provide clients with more in depth information in respect of such areas and can now offer clients the ability to purchase high level (up to 9 metres) inspections as an additional item, either within the context of their survey or as a ‘stand alone’ inspection.

The cost is dependent upon the property, however generally it’s an additional £45 (including VAT) if the option is added to a survey we are already undertaking, and from £100 (including VAT) dependent upon the instruction.  See below a sample of what you may get.

Photograph No. 1:  View from street level of flat roof coverings

front proeprt

Photograph No. Two roof closer up


Photograph Number 3:  Roof close up.





























The photographs above are merely illustrative to show what the survey would be able to inspect and are not necessarily provided to the client or indicative of a particular property.  But should provide a useful example of what can be achieved and the level of detail our High Definition camera equipment can see.

If you wish to purchase such information as part of your survey, then please confirm that aspect at the outset, if being purchased separately then feel free to get in touch for a FREE QUOTATION.