Our fees

Because each client has a different set of circumstances, such as property size, type, age, location, etc.. and each person has a different set of needs and along with each move is being unique – the fees we charge will vary from client to client.  These will, however, be confirmed in writing before we agree a contract.

Following the FREE consultation we provide our Move Assist Consultant will provide you with a clear written estimate for the services you could benefit from – you then choose those you wish to have.

Our fees are based upon our hourly rates and/or percentage of savings made/sale price, we’ll discuss that with you at the initial consultation and will clearly identify the basis we would charge you for our services.

Whilst we are happy to arrange specialist contractors,  you will need to budget for the payment of such services including estate agents, legal fees, removals etc. Our quotation set out the services that we provide and confirm those which you’ll need to pay directly.  Remember our service is to facilitate the move and help you manage the process, as such we don’t provide specialist services, merely arrange and/or manage them to save you having to do so.

We will aim to tailor our invoicing schedule to fit with your circumstances, however as once we have agreed terms our time is being used, we would normally ask for a retainer deposit to be paid in advance, this would then be deducted from the final invoice.

If we can find free advice and/or services (and these are available within reasonable timescales) we will endeavor to include these to help reduce the fees you have to pay.

Call us now to arrange for your FREE consultation on 0800 246 1002 or email at enquiry@castle-surveyors.co.uk

Move Assist Fees

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