So you live in a busy area and have been generating an additional revenue from renting our your driveway, garage, garden or parking area to others whilst you are at work or are otherwise not using the space yourself.

Have you ever considered how much the value of that revenue (income you receive) could be?  In some areas the capital value of such arrangements can be relatively significant and you may even be able to leverage finance off the investment value of such an arrangement.

Firstly though you need to prove that the revenue has a potential value and calculate how much that may be.  At Castle Surveyors Limited we are experts in Car Parking and also Experts in Valuation, as such we’re well placed to provide you with a formal valuation of that revenue.car-park-4

For a small fee we can provide you with a ‘certificate of value’ which you can show to others, say a person buying your property who may want proof that the extra money you have asked on top of your sale price for is justified.

We would be pleased to assist by providing you with a valuation of the investment income of your revenue.  To find out more simply get in touch and we’ll gladly explain how this could work for you.   LEARN MORE


Parking Space Valuations

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