Place on a Page – Sandbanks – Poole – BH13

In the mid-1800s Sandbanks was a wild and remote piece of Dorset. During the previous century however, this little sandy landmass bordering Poole harbour has grown significantly from a windswept, meagrely occupied tract of beach head, being less than 1 sq km in area, into a dynamic and vibrant location, close to the biggest common harbour in Europe. The area has become a top of the line cruising and sailing destination, having Blue Flag seafront facilities  and a certain Mediterranean atmosphere that make it an asylum for the rich and famous and as well as a summer destination for large numbers of summer tourists.

The growth in property prices over recent decades has resulted in Sandbanks becoming one of the most expensive places to live on Earth, rivalling places like Hong Kong, Tokyo and London to name a few. In 1997 you could pick up properties for £495,000! Whereas today, prices in excess of £1million are certainly not unusual.

Table One:  Most Expensive Streets

1              Old Coastguard Road         £2,467,018sandbanks 1

2              Martello Road                       £2,346,499

3              Western Avenue                  £2,096,232

4              Brudenell Avenue                £2,064,839

5              Bury Road                            £1,989,247

6              Haig Avenue                        £1,954,382

7              Mornish Road                       £1,634,539

8              Lawrence Drive                   £1,546,975

9              Buccleuch Road                  £1,514,840

10           Inverness Road                    £1,430,332

11           Dover Road                          £1,426,058sandbanks 2

12           Withingham Road                £1,349,511

13           Oratory Gardens                  £1,320,854

14           Chesterfield Close                £1,302,657

15           Spencer Road                      £1,290,016



Table Two:  Average Property Prices

BH13                     BH                          National

1 Bedroom properties                        £364,000               £141,000               £178,300

2 Bedroom properties                        £327,200               £229,200               £195,500

3 Bedroom properties                        £681,700               £304,100               £222,200

4 Bedroom properties                        £1,190,900           £447,200               £395,300

5+ Bedroom properties                      £1,754,000           £633,600               £678,900


 Table Three: Price Trends

BH                          National

Growth rate

5yr house price growth                                       11.25%                  6.69%

5yr house price CAGR                                        1.79%                    1.80%

Last 12 months house price growth                 6.41%                    6.69%


The information above is for guidance only and individual properties, locations can vary.  You should always obtain the advice of our Surveyors before purchasing a property.  To have an initial chat, call us on 0800 246 1002