Welcome to our MoveAssist service, the service designed to help make the moving experience as effortless and painless as we can.

Welcome to MoveAssist where you are in control, but have the assistance of an ‘expert’ consultant to help you navigate the complexities of moving home.  We created MoveAssist having undertaken many surveys for retired people who have, unfortunately, found themselves alone and need to move home for downsizing or other reasons.  Why rely on people with a ‘vested interest’ in your move, e.g. Estate Agents, etc…. when you can have an independent expert on hand to help save you time, money and hopefully stress!

The concept is simple, with over 40 years experience in the property and construction industry, our Team have a wealth of experience of helping people and businesses move.  We created MoveAssist as we’ve seen many people finding the moving home experience to be costly, stressful and complicated, especially in later life when you’re alone.

Our Fees

We try to keep the costs to a minimum and in some cases our fees can be effectively reduced to £0 if those we work with, i.e. Estate Agents, Solicitors, Removal Companies, etc… are willing to pay us a referral fee to obtain your business (most are willing to do so).  We’d discuss that during the instruction phase and all our fees are TOTALLY TRANSPARENT! See below.

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We offer a FREE telephone consultation which can take place via a video call if you prefer.

  1. During the consultation we will work with you to assess your requirements and provide our initial advice as to some of the options available, outlining pros and cons of each.
  2. Well undertake a brief assessment of your current property to help you understand some of the challenges you face and to help prepare the property for sale or rent.
  3. We recommend you have a trusted friend, family member or advocate attend the consultation as that can help provide some reassurance and help you understand the process and services on offer.
  4. Following the initial consultation we will then provide you with a NO OBLIGATION quotation which will outline the services we provide, along with cost of providing these.  We can even off-set part of these costs by negotiating better deals than you as an individual can get, e.g. most Estate Agents will ask for a 1% of the sale price as a fee, so if your property sells at say £400,000, the agent would get £4,000 fee plus VAT.  We’d aim to reduce this to a lower percentage, which would be used to off-set the fee we charge you.  Also doing similar with removal firms, solicitors, etc…..  It may be possible therefore to assist you, without it actually costing you anything in real terms!
  5. Should you agree to proceed, we’d be happy to include a friend, family member and/or advocate (even if they are based some distance away from you) in the process, keeping them informed and updated to an agreed level.

What we can offer

  • Local property expertise, having been working  in the Dorset & Hampshire areas since around 1993.
  • Checkable references and previous customer reviews, independently verified.
  • Our Managing Director is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Association of Building Engineers and member of the Association of Project Managers.
  • Our professional consultants will provide you with a schedule of services, tailored to your needs.  We can arrange for removals, estate agency, solicitors from our range of local contacts, sometimes at discounted rates to those available on the market.
  • Personal attention and expert co-ordination at every crucial step, no need to deal with Estate Agents or Solicitors on your own, we’re here to help.
  • A service which is tailored to your needs and will be totally confidential and independent.  We are registered with theInformation Commissioner’s Office in respect of Data Protection and the Property Ombudsman Scheme.
  • You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will be someone with the expertise required to provide you with the advice you need, when you need it and is someone who will be available via the telephone, email or in person should you need to talk things through or require clarification.
  • We can provide regular updates to your family or friends as required, EVEN IF THEY ARE OUTSIDE THE UK

Our services don’t stop until you are settled into your new home.  Your Account Manager will be on hand to help you get settled into your new home and will be your trusted partner making sure you are not hassled or otherwise pestered by those involved in the process.

Our service is tailored to your specific requirements and the budget is agreed at the outset, we aim to be completely open, honest and transparent in our fee arrangements and work to your agreed specifications, with a written agreement being agreed between us at the outset for your protection.

The services we provide should not replace legal or financial advice which we can help you obtain but do not specifically provide ourselves – but we can work with you to access these and other independent specialist services as little or as much as you decide is required**.  We have many contacts around the area, including trusted Financial Advisers, Estate Agents, Removals Companies, Solicitors and Tradesmen.

Our services can include:

  • Development of an overall move plan or alternatively remain in your current home plan.
  • Find a new home and deal with the negotiations, surveys and legal discussions related to this.
  • Find and engage (on your behalf) specialists to help you sell or let your current home.
  • Find and instruct a removal company, whether one of our partners or alternatively whomever you choose.
  • Organise your possessions and find specialists, as necessary, to value these and/or arrange storage, transportation and/or disposal should you choose to do so.
  • Help you decide what will go to your new home, even producing a floorplan as necessary to help you decide.
  • Arrange for the disposal of unwanted furnishings and items, including via auction, donation, sale or transfer to relatives.
  • Arrange for shipment abroad and/or local or even international storage
  • Engage professional packing companies.
  • Provide help with unpacking and settling up your new home, including arranging electricity, gas, phone, broadband and notification of banks, building societies, etc.. if you wish.
  • We can arrange for gardeners, cleaners, tradesmen, etc… for both your existing home and the new one.
  • Liaise with care service providers, including arranging transport from your existing property to new home as required.
  • We can help you stay in your existing home if that’s your preference, by arranging for equity release or other financing for instance, setting up home help and services via our trusted partners or alternatively via your own preferred contractors.

Emergency support situations

In some circumstances you may need to move quickly, for instance due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.  We can help you by moving quickly to get things in place to both secure your existing home and arrange for its disposal or otherwise as you or indeed those taking care of you, may wish.

Our services are designed to help you make a choice, whatever that may be, and to take the strain out of whichever choice you make.  We aim to provide you with a service that reduces the stress of moving home and maximizes the value you achieve, both in terms of the property you are selling and those related to the move.


Please note that the above information is merely provided as an illustration of potential services and any eventual agreement between us will be subject to our usual terms & conditions.  We do not provide specialist services ourselves, such as legal, financial, removal, care services, etc… and as such fees may be payable to external contractors and these do not by default form part of our fee quotation, albeit our bespoke service may include these by agreement.
Terms and Conditions apply and will be discussed in detail with you before committment.
Our expert MoveAssist Consultant is on hand, via the telephone, Zoom, email and/or WhatsApp, to answer your questions and help find solutions.
This package is like having a trustworthy expert on hand when you need to ask questions
Fixed Price Fee
Initial Consultation
Home Staging Report (sale property)
Home Survey Report (purchase property)
Removals Advice
Arrange utilities (3rd Party)
Arrange Finance (3rd Party)
Contractor Management
MIN 1% Sale Price
As Option One plus:
Home Sale & Management
Property Sourcing
Negotiate Purchase & Sale Price
Arrange Packing (3rd Party)
Decluttering Advice & Asst.
Find & Manage Removals
Manage trades, cleaners, etc...
Project Management
Equity Release (3rd Party)
Removals arrangement (3rd Party)
To Be Confirmed
Tailored Service
Equity Release (3rd Party)
Project Management
Shipping & Storage Advice
Personal Requirements (TBC)

Move Assist

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