Why use an independent Surveyor?

Having worked in many large organisations I have experienced the pressures of being task driven, i.e often having to complete 3 or more surveys per day just to meet a minimum target level to keep my job. There’s also others to try to keep happy, in particular if they provide you with a source of income, e.g. estate agents who’s job it is to sell the property and who receive sometimes a hefty fee for doing so or Financial Advisers who may also have a vested interest in selling the property due to the fee received.

As an independent surveyor none of the above factor into our thinking. A surveyor’s role is to ensure that their client receives the information they expect to receive, based upon the terms & conditions agreed at the outset. This is of paramount importance. Below are some reasons to choose an independent surveyor such as Castle Surveyors Limiterd

We are not target driven, we choose how many surveys we undertake in a single day and that is based upon the client’s requirements, type of property, it’s age, location and various other factors.
We are not influenced, in any way, by those outside our relationship. We act for our client only and report to them.
As we are not target driven, if a survey takes us all day to complete then so be it.
Castle Surveyors Limited is a firm operated by its main shareholder, as such we have a vested interest in providing an excellent service and ensuring our business flourishes over the long-term.

In closing we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the information they need to make an informed decision and are available to discuss the reports we provide, in detail, should a client wish to do so following the survey.


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