Useful Tools

Moving home is complicated and there’s lots of things to consider, budget for and plan ahead. In this section I’ve provided some useful tools that you may find helpful for guidance. These tools should be used for information purposes only and you should always confirm any information received for accuracy, along with obtaining Professional advice from a suitably qualified person before making any property decisions.  You should note that you’ll need to download the files to your computer to use them in some cases and as such you should ensure your virus protection software is upto date as whilst we are not aware of any files being infected by viruses, we cannot provide any guarantee or warranty that they are safe to download or use (sorry, who knows what hackers are capable of these days so we have to recommend caution).

In this section of the website we’ll provide you with some useful templates and spreadsheets to help you when moving home, see below.

    • Negotiation PlannerThis template helps you plan your negotiation strategy, you know that Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance, so plan ahead your negotiation discussions, set some boundaries for yourself and ensure you negotiate what you want and also don’t want.
    • Property Search PrioritiesYou should start your property search by knowing what you want, both in terms of location and the actual property such as type, no. bedrooms, etc. In this template you can plan ahead to understand what’s important to you, then use that information to focus your search for a new home.
    • Property Viewing ChecklistYes you should always appoint a suitably Qualified Chartered Surveyor to provide you with an appropriate survey report for the property, but in advance of that you may be able to eliminate some of the options available by knowing some of the things to look for on a property viewing. In this template we provide you with some guidance as to what to consider and tools to take on a property viewing.
    • SWOT AnalysisUsing this management tool when buying property can be very helpful, it does so by helping focus your attention on what’s imporant, helping you focus on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats you consider could have an adverse or beneficial impact upon your purchase decision.
    • Move PlannerPlanning your Home move, as mentioned above, can help you focus on the important things in the order they need to be completed.  In this tool we have created a template spreadsheet that can be used to help plan your property move, based upon timelines of events.
    • Useful WebsitesNowadays there’s a lot of information available online, almost too much as it’s often difficult to know where to look.  So in this guide you’ll find a list of some useful websites.